Privacy Policy

UPrudence will not use/Share your personal information to any unknown sources or third parties. Personal information includes your identity details like your name, contact number, email Id, address etc..

Periodically, we may disclose some of the statistical information such as number of visitors, information & day to day updates on our goods & services.

Our sites may link to some other websites that may access your personal information. UPrudence will not be responsible for any of unethical or offensive practices the third party website may follow. Users should be cautious while furnishing any information to other websites that may link through UPrudence.

We may request users to complete online survey that is intended to improve our services. We encourage you to complete those surveys & help us to become your valued partners.

We have established stern practices to keep your personal information concealed with us. Our security & services will assist you to make your deal extremely convenient & handy.

By reading to above Policy, All users are hereby informed that they disclose their personal information with their own consent & will. We again promise you to ensure infallible security of your personal information.