Refund & Return Policy

Transaction failures:

  • Occasionally transaction failures may happen depending on speed of internet, power availability or any other reasons at customer’s end.
  •  All transaction failures will be refunded in customer’s bank account in 4-5 business days.

Order cancellation after immediate booking:

  • We facilitate a provision to cancel orders immediately after successful booking to ensure hassle free transactions & full customer satisfaction. However customer has to quote genuine reasons/clauses before proceeding for order cancellation.
  • UPrudence will furnish the list of clauses to customer before  he/she wish to cancel any order & the customer has to check out the appropriate clause before proceeding for cancellation
  • Appropriate clause will be reviewed & thereafter refund will be processed. Full refund will take 4-5 business days before reflecting in customer’s bank account.
  • Any unethical or fraudulent bookings & subsequent cancellations will be monitored strictly by us & will be subjected to litigation & penal action.
  • Any disputes for any reasons whatsoever will be settled at Jurisdiction of Nagpur High Court, India

Goods/product transit:

  • UPrudence will take supreme care in delivery of goods as per customer order qualitatively & quantitatively.
  • A message of successful transit will be processed & notified to customer after taking his/her positive assurance on receiving goods as per order.
  • UPrudence will take sole responsibility in case of defective & faulty goods delivery to customers
  • On receipt of faulty goods, an exchange offer of goods would be processed depending on customer’s will & the defective goods will be replaced within 4-5 business days. However under such circumstances, customer has the discretion to cancel the entire order & apply for refund.
  • Customers are required to notify us immediately after receiving any faulty goods by calling our customer care support or alternatively drop an email at
  • Full refund will be processed for all faulty goods delivery. However it is customer’s responsibility to check goods received by them qualitatively & quantitatively before making any grievances to us for refund.
  • We will make thorough investigation by doing root cause analysis for all faulty good deliveries & refund will be processed accordingly. Full refund will take approximately 4-5 business days to reflect back in customer’s bank account.
  • Any criticism or grievances will not be entertained after processing of successful transit message to customer.
  • Any disputes for any reasons whatsoever will be settled at Jurisdiction of Nagpur High Court, India.