Terms & Conditions

  • Product listing: All products & entities listed on our website are at the sole discretion between suppliers & UPrudence. Prices & offers listed will be on mutual agreement between   UPrudence & suppliers. 

  • Product Transit: UPrudence takes ownership & responsibility on Product quality in transit to our customers. U Prudence will bear responsibilities of dent or damage that may happen during shipment of goods. In the hindsight an exchange offer will be processed for either product repair, total replacement or refund
  • Login Credentials: We encourage our customers to have their login credentials while doing deals & transactions through our website. All Customer data base will be concealed with us & we undertake responsibility to protect human rights. However any fake credentials will be monitored by us & will be subjected to litigation
  • Order Cancellation: U Prudence reserves right to accept or reject any cancellation request. However in case of authentic order cancellation U Prudence will refund the processed amount to Buyers without any mutual conflicts. Any further conflicts arising further due to non-receipt of purchased amount or any matter whatsoever will be resolved at Jurisdiction of Nagpur High Court, India.
  • Notice to Suppliers: We will make honest deals with our suppliers before displaying their products on our website. We will take their sincere feedback on the nature of products displayed qualitatively & quantitatively. Suppliers should bear the responsibility to notify or inform us any change in product pricing or features arising due to market flexibility.   
  • Notice to Customers:  We intent to do impartial business with our customers to ensure total customer satisfaction. We will make honest efforts to deliver all goods ordered through website on timely basis. However due to any unpredictable circumstances delay in goods delivery might happen during shipment regardless of timelines mentioned during order booking. Customers are requested to bear with this unlikely situation.   
  • Any conflicts arising due to any reason whatsoever will be settled at Jurisdiction of Nagpur High Court, India.